ChahanoStitch updates!

I recently went on Fiverr and looked up someone that could draw me a logo for my Etsy shop. I found one, the fabulous Gailbunning. She made me a wonderful logo and was great to work with.

I also have been stitching away a lot lately. I have finished up the blanket for my niece, but still need to sew in the ends.


I’m currently working on an afghan for my sister.


My most recent favorite projects were the mermaid set I stitched. A friend of mine has a friend that wants to do a mermaid photo shoot for her newborn, once she is born. So I stitched a cute little tail for the baby to lay in.


Then I crocheted an Ariel, the Little Mermaid, lovey to go with it. It’ll serve it’s purpose as a lovey and a prop for the photo shoot!

 20151010_082626 20151010_082634

I’m really excited about that doll. She was a lot of fun to make. And the best part is that the pattern included all of the Disney princesses, so I can make so many more!

If you’re looking for any crocheted goods in the future, please feel free to hit up my Etsy shop, ChahanoStitch!