Toe stops, slaloms, and cross-overs (Oh my!)

At my first Derby 101 class, one of my coaches had suggested that I get longer circular toe stops. Mine were short and an odd shape and she had mentioned that the circular ones would be helpful. I ordered a pair of Bionic Super Stoppers from Bruised Boutique, which came in rather quickly. I changed the toe stops and immediately tried the skates on. I already felt better about getting back up off of the ground and on balancing on my toe stops. Hooray for that!

This past Saturday I had my second Derby 101 class. I started skating around during warm ups and was starting to feel a little better about skating. We spent the class practicing plow stops, T-stops, slaloms, and lunges. I could NOT for the life of me get the slaloms or lunges. I figured that it was just me being a new skater and not being confident. That is until the coaches brought up that we may need to loosen our trucks if we’re having a hard time with edging. After practice, I skated over to my coach and showed her my skates. She quickly noticed that my trucks were very tight and that I would need to loosen them up. She also suggested on getting some softer cushions, which I plan on doing this week. If anyone has a suggestion on a soft cushion to add to my skates, let me know!

We also worked on cross-overs. I had seen a lot of talk about cross-overs from my Derby friends and had gathered that they were quite difficult to do. I was a bit nervous about them, but started working on them. During practice, my trucks were still tight, so some of it was hard to do anyway. I’m hoping that with my skates being a little more comfortable that it’ll be easier to work on the cross-over, even if it just helps me be more confident in my edging and skating.

I think my favorite part of class is when we go over our goals in the beginning of class and then at the end, we talk about how we did. Everyone improves so much in such little time and it’s so exciting to see. I love getting feedback from the coaches about what I need to work on and how to work on it. They’re extremely knowledgeable and helpful and super motivating.

I did skate for a few minutes last night at the park by my apartment. The difference in my confidence is insane! I’m already feeling a bit better about being on wheels, even if I’m still a little nervous to skate around people and of going fast. In time, I know that will all fade away.

Meanwhile, I’m just trying to find a roller-rink somewhere near me that is not so sketchy.


Foo Fighters at Fenway

Oh, whoa, hello. My bad on not writing for what, months? Man, I’m so sorry. I’m going to start getting back into this and I was trying to figure out how, so I just thought- write something and then everything else will eventually flow out.

This past weekend, Thom and I took a night off from working at Fenway to go to Fenway as fans! The Foo Fighters were playing both Saturday and Sunday, and we were generously gifted tickets as a Christmas present from his parents.


We invited my brother, Nick,  and Thom’s friend, Dan, to join us.


As most people know, Dave Grohl has broken his leg and needed surgery about a month ago. Luckily for us, he is a tough sumbitch and had a throne created for him to perform on. It was magnificent!


I don’t have many pictures aside from these, as I wanted to just enjoy the show. It was incredible! They opened with Everlong and ended with Best of You with all their other great songs in between. They played for almost 3 straight hours, which is unbelievable. No lie, it was on the top of the list of the shows I’ve been to. I don’t know how any one could top their show.

The Foo Fighters are a band that I’ve been wanting to see since about 8th grade, so like 1999. That’s insane. Even better, I always loved Nirvana, too. Seeing Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters is as close as I’ll ever get to seeing Nirvana and I’ll glady take it. Thom and I even got a second go around, as we both worked at the concert on Sunday night.


If you get a chance to see the newly dubbed “Broken Leg Tour”, please check it out. Also, if you’ve never listened to the Foo Fighters, I beg you- please look them up.

Super Hero 5k!

After running the Glow Run a few weeks ago, I felt good enough about it to sign up for another 5k rather quickly. I scoured all the running sites that listed all the races in New England to find one that Thom and I could both attend, but that were also interesting. I stumbled upon the Super Hero 5k that was in Central Square in Cambridge and we both decided that that was the race to do. I was stoked because I could wear a costume; Thom was stoked because he could have a reason to buy an Aquaman shirt. We invited Thom’s sister, Megan, to run with us, and the three of us had a blast.


Megan, Thom, and myself as The Justice League!

I felt good about this race. I was super nervous getting into it, but running wasn’t bad at all. My time at the gym helped, but also just running with people really boost my morale. Not everyone was a season runner, so I wasn’t alone. I really do like doing these races and am looking forward to running more in the future!


Aquaman and Batman

The Art of the Brick

Between our day jobs, Fenway scheduling, rehearsals and gigs, Thom and I had a difficult time planning fun activities over the summer. With the fall months come an easier scheduling period for us, so we have been packing in all the stuff we wanted to do this summer into the time we have now. It’s been great! This past weekend, after running the Glow Run, we had intended to go to Salem for the day, since he’s never been and I love it there. However, we decided that sleeping in would be better use of our time and put Salem on the backburner for another day. Our Sunday was instead spent in my beautiful city of Boston.

Thom in deep thought with his new blue friend.

Thom in deep thought with his new blue friend.

Something that we really wanted to do and is finally open now was The Art of the Brick. Basically this dude, Nathan Sawaya, has his own art exhibit with everything made out of Legos! He had a lot of popular masterpieces that he recreated with Legos and then also had his own collection of his own art. It was truly amazing and well worth the trip to go. If you’re in Boston, hit up Fanueil Hall, but also check to see if it’s in a city near you





Boston Adventures

Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love everything that has to do with Boston. Well, everything except the Bruins. Recently, I contacted by one my sorority sisters (who I hadn’t seen in YEARS!) who was going to be living in Boston for a month while taking some classes. She wanted to get together to do some “Boston things” and I quickly agreed to joining her.

She had signed us up for a Harvard Historical Tour, which was a blast. Very awkward, as our tour guide was this freshman who clearly was doing his work study, but it was a fun tour nonetheless.


We then made the trek to the Harpoon Brewery, which sadly was closing soon after our arrival for their Oktoberfest celebration. We were lucky enough to grab a beer and a pretzel before having to leave.

Harpoon Pumpkin Cider and soft pretzel

Harpoon Pumpkin Cider and soft pretzel

We continued on our merry way to hit up the Trillium Brewery to sample a few beers. Very tasty, however, not my favorite beers.

Selfie at Trillium with Liz!

Selfie at Trillium with Liz!

Afterwards, we went to Fanueil Hall to browse the shops before our Haunted Ghost Tour!

Ghost tour!!

Ghost tour!!


It was a great Friday and it was wonderful to see one of my favorite sisters! All of these are great stops if you’re visiting Boston- they’re also just fun to do if you’re a local and need to laugh at some tourists.

Date Night Adventure

I am always down for a random roadtrip or a new adventure. Luckily, my boyfriend is the same. It’s also his birthday (hooray!) and because we’re basically children, we hit up the brand new Lego Land Discovery Center for Adult Night last night!



Basically, Adult Night tickets get you access into Lego Land (no children allowed!) and you can play with the Legos, see a 4D movie, go on the rides, and win prizes all while drinking booze. It’s sweet.

But first, let's take a selfie!

But first, let’s take a selfie!

For those of you who don’t know, I live in Boston, which is pretty much my favorite city in the whole world. You can imagine my excitement I had when the first room we walked into was all Lego creations of Boston landmarks!

Zakim Bridge!

Zakim Bridge!

Prudential Center, Hancock Tower, and City Hall!

Prudential Center, Hancock Tower, and City Hall!

Fenway Park!

Fenway Park!

Thom and I both work at Fenway Park, so it was neat to see the Lego Fenway (for me at least). It even had a little Lego Ted Williams statue!

The whole night was a blast. We played with a lot of Legos, made a cool Lego clown (it was a Carnival themed night), and went on a sweet ride to save a princess. We take princess rescues very seriously, as you’ll see below.

2014-09-17 21.40.35

If you get the chance, I totally suggest hitting up an Adult Night at Lego Land. I’m sure the place is fun when you have kids there, too, but it was awesome to just hang out and not worry about small children at your feet. Also, we got to keep the Legos to ourselves.

Oh look, Jess has another blog.

So here I am again, at the start of yet another brand new blog. I’ve been blogging since I was about 15 years old, starting with good ol’ LiveJournal and TeenOpenDiary. Flash forward almost 15 years and I’m here with three different WordPress blogs. My Red Sox Blog which you can find here was very active until this baseball season, mostly due to my work schedules and a horrible season for the team. I also ran an anonymous blog about my dating life, but since entering a long term relationship at the beginning of the year, that’s been pretty much dead. I have helped numerous start up companies with their social media strategies, even running the blog for one. When the company didn’t launch, I stopped the writing.

I really enjoy expressing myself through writing, even if I’m not all that great at it. I like having diaries and a place to just air my thoughts and even get some feedback. I was rolling around the idea of starting a new personal blog. I didn’t, and still don’t, have a direct focus for the blog, but that’s pretty much how my life is, too. I figured, why not just have a Jess-Blog? I’ll fill this up with photos of my lack of style (and maybe get some advice!), my super creative baking recipes, and all my misadventures that I have. You’ll either like it or you won’t, but either way, I have a new outlet for my brain.

So, there it is!