Gone Girl

I love thrillers and mysteries, and anything that’s “fucked up” in general, so an author friend of mine suggested that I read Gone Girl by Gilliam Flynn a few years ago. I, of course, ate it up and read it in a minimal amount of time and just obsessed over it for forever. Anytime someone would ask “what should I read next?” I always told them Gone Girl. As soon as I finished reading, I discovered that they were developing the screen play and I had been waiting so patiently to come along.

I finally got to see the movie yesterday and since Thom had to put up with my chitter chatter about it for a long time, he came along, too. I was not disappointed by the film in the least bit. It was just as amazing on film as it was in writing (though, of course, the writing has a slight edge). The casting was perfect and everything was just how I pictured it.

A+ movie. Go see it and read the book as well. You also won’t be disappointed if you read Sharp Objects or Dark Places (Flynn’s other novels), too, as they’re also fantastic.



I really love horror movies, so when Thom suggested we go see Annabelle, I was all over it.

Annabelle is a sort of prequel to the movie, The Conjuring. Basically, Annabelle is a doll that was/is posessed by a demon. Ed and Lorraine Warren took it and have it in their museum in Connecticut (which I want to go see SO bad). The doll is referenced in the beginning of The Conjuring. Annabelle, the movie, is not based on a factual story, but serves as a fictional story to “explain” how a demon came to posess Annabelle, the doll (which is actually a Raggedy Ann doll in real life and is totally messed up).

I loved The Conjuring. I loved this movie as well, even if it did make me jump in a bunch of spots. There were a couple times that I closed my eyes, due to suspense. I also did have a hard time walking through a dark hallway the next morning, as I thought there may be a demon at the end of it. So, kudos Annabelle!

If you’re into horror and want a fun scary movie to see for the Halloween season (oh man, Annabelle would be a great Halloween costume!), check out Annabelle. Check out The Conjuring, too.


One of my favorite things to do is to go to the theater to see a movie. Before Thom, I frequently went to the movies alone. This habit started right after college when I lived down the street from the Nickelodeon in Portland, Maine. My best friend Jordan and I made it a weekly thing and when I moved to Boston, I sucked it up and started going alone. Luckily for me, Thom is usually down to see a movie, so I don’t have to go alone anymore (yet). 

Now, I love horror movies. The worse they are, they better. I love campy movies and bad movies. I love going “WTF” when watching movies. A few weeks ago, while at the movies, we saw the poster for an upcoming Kevin Smith film called “Tusk“.


I don’t want to ruin this movie for you, on the off chance you go to see it. But OH MY GOD THIS MOVIE. It was one of the WEIRDEST movies I had ever seen. It’s not a “great” movie, per say. Thom was not a huge fan. Too weird for him, I think. However, I loved it. I laughed and felt naseous at the same time. It was a “scary” movie, but not gory, but still graphic in a way.

Basically, Justin Long plays a podcaster who goes to Canada and ends up interviewing Michael Parks’ character, who is a little too obsessed with  walruses. Chaos ensues. You should just check it out.

It’s got Johnny Depp in it, if that sells it for you.