ChahanoStitch updates!

I recently went on Fiverr and looked up someone that could draw me a logo for my Etsy shop. I found one, the fabulous Gailbunning. She made me a wonderful logo and was great to work with.

I also have been stitching away a lot lately. I have finished up the blanket for my niece, but still need to sew in the ends.


I’m currently working on an afghan for my sister.


My most recent favorite projects were the mermaid set I stitched. A friend of mine has a friend that wants to do a mermaid photo shoot for her newborn, once she is born. So I stitched a cute little tail for the baby to lay in.


Then I crocheted an Ariel, the Little Mermaid, lovey to go with it. It’ll serve it’s purpose as a lovey and a prop for the photo shoot!

 20151010_082626 20151010_082634

I’m really excited about that doll. She was a lot of fun to make. And the best part is that the pattern included all of the Disney princesses, so I can make so many more!

If you’re looking for any crocheted goods in the future, please feel free to hit up my Etsy shop, ChahanoStitch!


I turned 30. I got belugas!

I turned 30 this year. Most of my other friends that have hit this milestone have celebrated in some monumental way, like going to Las Vegas or partying somewhere with sashes and tiaras. As much as I wanted something big to represent this “new stage” of my life, I’m not much for crazy parties like that anymore.

Then I remembered that a few months prior, Thom and I discovered that the Mystic Aquarium not only has beluga whales, but they also offered beluga encounters! So back in April when we were figuring out my birthday, we had decided that that was what we would do. I mean, who doesn’t love belugas?!

My birthday was in May and we did a small celebration then that involved surprise cannolis. We had a very busy summer schedule between work, school, and gigs. We decided to plan the beluga trip for the fall when we had the time for it, and so we could save up money to go.

We finally went this month and it was unbelievable! We had a short lesson on belugas (we were in a small group of 6 people plus a trainer) and then we were into the water! The whole experience lasted an hour and it was better than I could have imagined. We learned so much about belugas and are now the resident experts on the animals.

Thom says that my face was hilarious the entire time as I was so ecstatic for the whales.


The whales were very sweet and friendly.

beluga10 beluga2

They love showing off their tricks!

beluga7 beluga6

They loved having visitors in their tank!

beluga5 beluga14

They’re just big goof balls! They were so silly the entire time. I just wanted to take them home with me!

If you live near Connecticut, I’d totally recommend the beluga encounter at the Mystic Aquarium. It costs $40 to enter the aquarium, $165 for the encounter (which includes a free photo), and then $85 for a cd with all of the photos (we had tons more!). It is worth every penny and I’ll do it again in a heart beat!

Blizzard Binges

Hey everyone! So, as I’m sure you’re either experiencing or have heard about, but New England has been hit with crazy amounts of snow. While Boston is under something like 3 feet (and counting) of snow, my hometown of Eastport, Maine has beaten the state record and has gotten over 6 feet in the past 2 weeks (with more on the way!). It’s currently snowing as I type this. IT’S NEVER GOING TO STOP!

Instead of posting more photos of the bizzarro Winter Wonderland we have here (because I know that there are a million other blogs that have pretty much the same pictures that I would), I’m going to tell you what I’ve been binging on to pass the time with all these snow days I’ve been having.

TV Binging- Because it’s okay when you’ve got nothing to do and nowhere to go. Luckily for my friends and I, we don’t have cars to shovel out and we have landlords to deal with the walk ways and such. We’ve all been binging on a lot of Netflix, some together and some separately. Here are some of my personal favorite binges:

  • FRINGE: If you like CSI, Law and Order, Criminal Minds, and anything Sci-Fi, you will like Fringe. Also, it’s in Boston and it’s Joshua Jackson. The entire series is on Netflix. Personally, it took me a few episodes to get into it and become hooked, but we’re midway through season 2 now and HOLY COW SO GOOD!
  • BREAKING BAD: I shouldn’t have to get into this one. Everyone knows Breaking Bad and how phenomenal it was. If you didn’t see it, you heard about it and you need to see it.
  • SONS OF ANARCHY: Motorcycle clubs and violence galore! It was a great show, but a little meh for an ending. Still a great watch.
  • PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: I’ve been addicted to this for a few years now and it’s totally a guilty pleasure. Sorry.
  • SCANDAL: Just got into this and WOW! Check out the first few seasons on Netflix and catch up!
  • TRANSPARENT: Just got into this. It’s only through Amazon Prime and it’s incredible.

Food Binging- We’ve been cooking a lot and hoarding snack foods. Slow cookers are great for snow days (chili!!!) and nachos and hot cocoa have been getting me through all the tv binging.

Video Game Binging- Thom and I are addicted to Dr. Mario (mostly, he’s upset that it’s the one game that I’m a lot better than him at. He kills me in everything else). We’ve also been playing some other games like Injustice and all other Mario games. Oh, also the Lego Movie game.

Big Little Lies

I love reading. Except sometimes I go through phases where I forget that and don’t read anything for a long time. During my recovery, my mum had bought me the Kindle version of Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. I finally got around to picking it up and OH MY GOD I’M SO GLAD I DID!


I don’t want to get into too many details about this book. It’s a bit complicated for awhile (especially since I didn’t know what it was about at all when I started reading it), and trying to explain it gives away too much of the plot (I think). Basically, it’s about a bunch of kindergarten moms in Australia and how crazy they can be. They’re also perfect looking and as the reader, you get to watch them unravel. Oh, and there’s a murder!

I totally reccommed this one! Check it out! I’ll be checking out her other books ASAP!

My Cholecystectomy (or, How I Spent My Winter Vacation)

Hello everyone and a Happy New Year to you all! I’m sorry for my absence, but this time I have a legitimate excuse! Before I get down to all the gross details, I’ll cover my holiday stuff and then get into it.

For Christmas, Thom and I went to see my family back in Maine. Thom had never been and he hadn’t met my brother or father yet, so it was an exciting trip for us. The weather was pretty gross driving up there, but Thom took it like a champ. We spent a lovely few days with my family. Thom is always a big hit with my 4 year old niece (and my lazy bull dog!)

For New Years, Thom and his roommates threw a small house party. There was a great group of people there who were all awesome to ring in the New Year with.

On New Years Day, Thom and I took a gear filled truck to Connecticut to spend a weekend with his family. His band was playing a show near his parents’ home (at his brother’s new restaurant!) that weekend, so we took the opportunity to go down earlier to spend time with his family and enjoy our last days of relaxation before going back to work on Monday.

20150102_201636 20150102_231745Food, drinks, company, and music was all amazing! I’ll make sure to link to everything in future posts!

Saturday, Thom had tickets for the two of us to see this Huey Lewis and the News cover band that I love. I have this weird love for Huey Lewis and was heartbroken to see that the cover band already existed without me, but still love them anyway. He knew that I wanted to see them that night and since our one year anniversary would be on Monday, he surprised me (a month ago!) with the tickets. The Power of Love (ha!) would be playing with the Bang-Gos (Go-Gos and Bangles cover band) and Heart Attack Ack Ack Ack Ack Ack (Billy Joel cover band). We made it to the show and it was awesome!

Then the horror started. Sunday was a lazy day which was awesome. Until early evening when I started to feel unwell. Within an hour, I was full on writhing in pain and chaos was happening. After my many protests, Thom was able to drag me to the ER for us to discover that my gallbladder also wanted to spend the one year anniversary with us and made us a few little presents as well. I was booked for a Cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal).

I spent a few days recovering at Thom’s parents’ other home near Boston which was amazing (they really are fantastic people) and now (a week later exactly), I’m feeling much better. I’m still a bit sore and am not allowed to lift anything over 10 pounds, but I’m healing nicely and will be 100% in a week or so.

So, that’s my long winded story. Thank you if you stuck around for the whole thing! Now that it’s the new year and I’m feeling better, I’ll be able to post more frequently. Thanks for your patience!


So, before I mentioned Influenster briefly in my post about my Mary Kay Clear Proof Vox Box. Unfortunately, that campaign did not work out so well for me (I stopped on day 6 or 7; my skin was thankful to get it’s regular stuff back!). However, in the past, I’ve received a few Vox Boxes that worked out well. For example, I got to test out some Dr Scholl’s Running Inserts that worked out great and I love using them.

If you’re really into social media and like trying out new products (and give reviews!), you should totally sign up! It’s free and all you gotta do is fill out some questionaires and you’ll be getting asked to participate in campaigns all the time!